My desk is always very messy...
But this mess makes total sense to me and I simply cannot find inspiration without it. I love to work outside or in front of an open window: the windier the better!

Browse away, they can move!


Wonderful projects with wonderful people.

Design Leadership Network (DLN)

“The Design Leadership Network is a membership organization serving principals of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firms, as well as leaders of related creative fields”. (cf DLN’s website)

Illustrations for a magazine issue, 2024

Jane Eyre
A series of illustrations for Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre in the manner of Four Corners Books Familiars series.


Final images



Bits and bobs

Some trees are very old

The wolf is back!

A story about a bathroom tile I used to visit in a drawer -
Intrusive thoughts series, “What do you want?”
A story about sheets and the smells of sunday mornings - Intrusive thoughts series, “Where do you go?”

︎︎︎ “That’s the one!”
Miss Abigail and Lulu the sausage dog at the haberdashery

︎︎︎ I ate the moon and it grew back

Mushroom picking - Halloween 2023 ︎︎︎

 ︎︎︎ Worried pirates

A summery witch who speaks to swallows ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Que la vie en vaut la peine, Aragon
The Fliers of Gy, Ursula le Guin ︎︎︎

For the Folio Society Illustration Competition:The Fliers of Gy, Ursula Le Guin, 2023 -- watercolour and pencil on paper

Close up of a picnic on a cliff

Victorian lady reading, 2023 -- fineliner pen on paper

I fell in love with everything victorian the minute I met Austen and the Brontës. I became obsessed with what I’m still calling the “Jane Eyre haircut” and Miss Abigail was born.

When the man comes around, 2023 -- Indian ink and pencil on paper︎︎︎ Just a dash of Johnny Cash gloom.
Watering the pumpkins, 2022 -- Indian ink on paper
︎︎︎ Better to be safe than sorry.
Always water the pumpkins properly.

︎︎︎ Lemonade in the green house


︎︎︎ No, the dog isn’t dead.
My grandmother was very concerned about him - has he just been violently murdered by the witch in pink?!
But witches only hurt those who deserve it, everybody knows that.
The dog isn't dead, Halloween 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper

Sudden inspiration
or the power of beer
Sudden inspiration or the power of beer, 2018 -- Indian ink on paper

There's no place like home, 2016 -- watercolour on paper
︎︎︎ As Dorothy says it so well:
‘There’s no place like home’


Things I send to the ones I love

 ︎︎︎ Happy New Year 2024

︎︎︎ To Paps

︎︎︎ To Naomi
Night owl, 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper ︎︎︎ To Amel

The cold never bothered me anyway, 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper
︎︎︎ To Gabs
︎︎︎ To Mad

︎︎︎ New Year’s 2022
To Mam ︎︎︎

Books I make and stories I tell
(the unpublished selection)

Rush & Roar

A collection of storms in literature and the best ways to read them.

The home alone checklist - a children’s book

Three siblings are left alone at home and the eldest give the other two a very boring list of things to do, to try and keep them in check.

People first - Cedric Price’s biography

Cedric Price (1934-2003) was a British architect, an eccentric, and a visionary.
The book unfolds to make the shape of the Generator, Price's most iconic but unbuilt project (cf red drawing on tracing paper below).