2. Miscellaneous

Bits and bobs - loose drawings, random ideas and competitions entries.

 ︎︎︎ Worried pirates

A summery witch who speaks to swallows ︎︎︎

"Que la vie en vaut la peine", Aragon -- watercolour and pencil on paper ︎︎︎ Que la vie en vaut la peine, Aragon
The Fliers of Gy, Ursula le Guin ︎︎︎

For the Folio Society Illustration Competition:The Fliers of Gy, Ursula Le Guin, 2023 -- watercolour and pencil on paper

Close up of a pic nic on a cliff

Victorian lady reading, 2023 -- fineliner pen on paper

I fell in love with everything victorian the minute I met Austen and the Brontës. I became obsessed with what I’m still calling the “Jane Eyre haircut” and this lady was born.

When the man comes around, 2023 -- Indian ink and pencil on paper︎︎︎ Just a dash of Johnny Cash gloom.
Watering the pumpkins, 2022 -- Indian ink on paper
︎︎︎ Better to be safe than sorry.
Always water the pumpkins properly.


︎︎︎ No, the dog isn’t dead.
My grandmother was very concerned about him - has he just been violently murdered by the witch in pink?!
But witches only hurt those who deserve it, everybody knows that.
The dog isn't dead, Halloween 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper

Sudden inspiration
or the power of beer
Sudden inspiration or the power of beer, 2018 -- Indian ink on paper

There's no place like home, 2016 -- watercolour on paper
︎︎︎ As Dorothy says it so well:
‘There’s no place like home’

3. Cards

Things I send to the ones I love.

︎︎︎ To Paps

︎︎︎ To Naomi
Night owl, 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper ︎︎︎ To Amel

The cold never bothered me anyway, 2022 -- watercolour and pencil on paper
︎︎︎ To Gabs
︎︎︎ To Mad

︎︎︎ New Year’s 2022
To Mam ︎︎︎

1. Sketches/how I work

My desk is always very messy...
But this mess makes total sense to me and I simply cannot find inspiration without it. I love to work outside or in front of an open window: the windier the better!

Browse away, they can move!

4. The home alone checklist

A children’s book I wrote and illustrated for a uni show.

The story: Three siblings are left alone at home and the eldest give the other two a very boring list of things to do, to try and keep them in check.

︎︎︎ I sewed the signatures (my favourite part!) and made a hard cover. 

︎︎︎ In the show
5. Cedric Price’s biography

Cedric Price (1934-2003) was a British architect, an eccentric, and a visionary.
I picked his name out of a hat -- it was the final project of my first year at Camberwell. Of course, I wanted to make a book; I called it People First (Price’s motto).
It unfolds to make the shape of the Generator, Price's most iconic but unbuilt project (cf red drawing on tracing paper below).