Hi! My name is Marie ︎
I am a French illustrator,
writer, and sometimes photographer
(there's no such thing as too many hats!). Welcome to my website!

I got my Illustration degree from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) in 2019 and graduated from an MA Publishing at UCL in 2021. I’m back in Paris now and working from my studio in Montmartre.

I sip tea, cry at open windows, talk to trees, constantly spy on passing strangers, walk barefoot and only feel like my true self when a storm rages on. Old b&w films and obscure 90s rom-coms are my jam, soft rock is the top genre on my Spotify, and I am obsessed with 19th century British literature. Books in general are my whole life and I am hoping to write and illustrate a few of my own.

My favourite things in life are:
windy weather, the sound of rain, green fields, the smell of spring, the silence when it snows, swallows and the way they fly, rugby, dogs, good food, good wine, libraries, old houses, Bauhaus chairs, turtle necks, full moons, kind eyes, old songs that feel like home, deep conversations, Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, losing all sense of time when I read, studying something and suddenly finding it incredibly interesting, cycling home at night, salt and cider vinegar crisps with a pint of Guinness, picking fruits from their tree, bonfires, G&T, chubby clouds.