If you know him then bravo! 

If you don't, you're forgiven.

L.B. Jeffries broke several bones and is stuck at home with nothing else to do but spy on his neighbours with his reporter camera, and it all proves to be quite exciting indeed. He also happens to be engaged to Grace Kelly which I think is worth mentioning?

He's the moody hero of Hitchcock's Rear Window and is played by James Stewart; blue, blue eyes, suspiciously hairy hands, vintage camera, 
Grace Kelly's dresses, grainy light, cringy special effects, A MURDER... Do I need to say more???

It goes without saying that I've never witnessed a murder (I mean I could have, but I haven't) and my camera is considerably smaller than his but he's always on my mind when I'm taking pictures.

James Stewart in Rear Window (1954) - Paramount Pictures
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