My name is Marie. 
I am 23 years old.
I am French, the very archetype of the french girl, actually: I love smelly cheese, snails and red wine; when I buy a baguette, I hold it under my arm on my way home; I am terribly romantic; sometimes, I wear striped sweaters (but who doesn't?!); I put my beret on for rugby and football games. 
I lived in Paris with my two little sisters and my parents until I was 7. Then a third sister arrived and our flat became too small for the six of us. We moved to St Germain en laye, in a bigger home, with a dog. It was (and still is) paradise on earth. 
I have been living in London for the past three years, with one of my sisters. I just graduated with a BA in illustration from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) and I am now making my way in the grownups world as a freelance illustrator. It took me some time to get here. 
I have always thought about art school but I am also very passionate (I can get quite theatrical) about literature. I knew I wanted to study illustration, but we don't really have degrees for this in France; going to art school meant going abroad, and I wasn't ready to leave home just yet. Literature imposed itself as my second choice. So, after high school, I went to university to study English literature, in Paris. It was absolutely amazing. I met great people, incredible teachers; I loved it! But the building where I had my classes was just next to the Beaux Arts school and everyday, I was watching art students passing by on the street, with their green and black portfolios. After a few weeks, I started to go to life drawing night classes and very soon, I decided that I wanted to be an art student myself. We have a long tradition of artists in my family: both my parents went to art school to become architects, same as my father's parents. My great grand father, his father and grand father, were art collectors. My mother's mother is a painter; my mother's great grand father was an impressionist. I grew up surrounded by old sketchbooks, antiques, precious books and art magazines. So my whole family was very supportive and after finishing the first year of my literature course,  I entered a foundation year in Paris. The rest is history. 
I know I want to include literature in my job. Luckily, it gets on quite nicely with illustration. I read as much as I can, I write, I go to markets, libraries and antique shops to find old books, starting my own little collection. One day, I will buy a cottage on a cliff somewhere, far away from everything and all my books will go there, in a cosy little library, with a nice fireplace and big leather armchairs. I will be the crazy lady that can be seen wandering on the moors now and then, when the wind blows cold enough. 
 In short, I have great dreams and my head in the clouds most of the time.

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